The Bard Of Hollywood – Charles Bukowski

The Bard of Hollywood

By Marcus D. Niski

He was a tough motherfucker
at least he’d like to have
us think that he was.

Everyday he’d get up
And start drinking and writing
Writing and drinking.

Yet under that
beer barrel chest
lay the heart of a lion,
a heart of gold

He gave us his best stuff
Fresh from the suburbs, the factories
the pool halls, the wastelands, the racetracks, the detritus
of urban life.

He never gave up
and never
gave in until
he gave his last
which as good as his best

He never understood
the human condition
because he was always striving.

‘He didn’t think much of them’
The Humans that is.

One of the most acute observers,
He laid his soul bare

And he told of the blood, the puss
the stink, the shit, the beauty, the horror
and the mundanity of life.

He lived life
To its fullest
despite his own queer

was a one-shot deal
An original even if it’s a clique
To suggest it.

His writing lives on
In eternity
To grace us with its realness,
Its sorrows

And its beauty.

[MN] 15 January 2020

Dedicated to Charles Bukowski (1920–1994) – one of my great literary heroes.

The Picture is The Title – by wallyRe

wallyRe is an Austrian sound artist, poet and photographer. This poem – the third part of a triptych – pays homage to the works of the Dada and Surrealist poets as well as the technique of chance operations as articulated by artists such as John Cage. More about wally Re can be found at her website:  

Image & Poem Text © wallyRe 2021

Giuseppe Ungaretti – Au repos — BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD

Le soleil s’essaime en diamants
de gouttes d’eau
sur l’herbe souple

Je reste docile
à l’inclination de l’univers serein

Les montagnes se dilatent
en gorgées d’ombre lilas
et vaguent avec le ciel

Là-haut à la voûte légère
l’enchantement s’est brisé

Et je tombe en moi

Et je m’enténèbre dans mon coin

Versa, 27 avril 1916

*** Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970) – Sentimento del tempo (1933) Vie d’un homme. Poésie, 1914-1970 (Poésie/Gallimard, 1981) – Traduit de l’italien par Jean Lescure.

Giuseppe Ungaretti – Au repos — BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD

Here Stood Mayakovsky — Travel Between The Pages

The Brooklyn Bridge literally loomed large in my Brooklyn family’s history for a century, so I was intrigued when I stumbled upon this impressive limited edition volume. The accordion-fold book Brooklyn Bridge with a poem by the 20th century Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky  and original woodcuts by Canadian printer and book designer Glenn Goluska . The award-winning […]

Here Stood Mayakovsky — Travel Between The Pages

Fernando Pessoa – Parfois, en certains jours de lumière… — BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD

Parfois, en certains jours de lumière parfaite et exacte,où les choses ont toute la réalité dont elles portent le pouvoir,je me demande à moi-même tout doucementpourquoi j’ai moi aussi la faiblesse d’attribueraux choses de la beauté. De la beauté, une fleur par hasard en aurait-elle ?Un fruit, aurait-il par hasard de la beauté ?Non : […]

Fernando Pessoa – Parfois, en certains jours de lumière… — BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD