Charles Wright — The Vale of Soul-Making

I keep on thinking.
                                     If I sit here for long enough,
A line, one true line,
Will rise like some miraculous fish to the surface,
Brilliant and lithe in the late sunlight,
And offer itself into my hands.
I keep thinking that as the weeks go by,
                                                                         and the waters never change

Charles Wright, from “21,” Littlefoot: A Poem (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2007)

Charles Wright — The Vale of Soul-Making

Henri Michaux – La lettre dit encore… — BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD

…je vous écris de la Cité du Temps interrompu. La catastrophe lente ne s’achève pas. Notre vie s’écoule, notre vie s’amenuise et nous attendons encore « le moment qui repasse le mur ». Le vieux différend unit le frère au frère. Dans l’enceinte du froid tout le monde enfermé. Ceux qui possédaient possèdent sans plus […]

via Henri Michaux – La lettre dit encore… — BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD

Tristan Tzara – On Writing

Vigour and thirst, emotion in response to the formation which is neither to be seen nor to be explained… a will to the word: a being on its feet, an image, a construction that is unique and fervent, of a deep colour, intensity, communion with life.’

Tristan Tzara  –  in  The Penguin Book of Twentieth Century Poetry: 1820-1950, Edited, Translated and with Introductions on the poets by William Rees