Saving the world’s oldest basketball court — HeideBlog

Not many sports can trace their origin as decisively as basketball: Fans know the first game was played on December 21, 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. But few Americans are aware that the oldest surviving basketball court is in Paris, inside an unassuming building at 14, rue Trévise in the 9th arrondissement. The entrance, in a […]

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Bus Stop — Liminal Narratives

We rarely see them. Or rather, we see but fail to acknowledge. They inhabit a shadowland of the banal, the unremarkable, the unnoticed. Concealed in their own mundanity, they gently erase themselves from view. Yet in Christopher Herwig’s remarkable Soviet Bus Stops, these drab artefacts of lane and street are re-invented, as Jonathan Meades observes […]

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Typography for Travelers — Travel Between The Pages

Axis Maps has announced the release of their mapping/art project “Typographic Maps”. These unique maps use nothing but type to depict roads, highways, neighborhoods, parks and physical features of cities like Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. They manually weave together thousands of names, words and titles to create a complete picture (and usable map) […]

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