The Picture is The Title – by wallyRe

wallyRe is an Austrian sound artist, poet and photographer. This poem – the third part of a triptych – pays homage to the works of the Dada and Surrealist poets as well as the technique of chance operations as articulated by artists such as John Cage. More about wally Re can be found at her website:  

Image & Poem Text © wallyRe 2021

Tristan Tzara – On Writing

Vigour and thirst, emotion in response to the formation which is neither to be seen nor to be explained… a will to the word: a being on its feet, an image, a construction that is unique and fervent, of a deep colour, intensity, communion with life.’

Tristan Tzara  –  in  The Penguin Book of Twentieth Century Poetry: 1820-1950, Edited, Translated and with Introductions on the poets by William Rees

Dreams of Desire 54 (Written on the Body) — cakeordeathsite

The German photographer Heinz Hajek-Halke concentrated almost entirely on montage techniques. Influenced by the great Dada and Surrealist innovators of the 1920’s and 30’s he experimented with solarisation and camera-less photographs. During WWII he turned to photographing small animals for scientific publications. The 1950’s however saw Hajek-Halke returning to experimental photography; he joined the fotoform […]

via Dreams of Desire 54 (Written on the Body) — cakeordeathsite