Species of Space: Sao Carlos, Brazil.

This intriguing visual exploration of Perec’s Species of Space that I most fortuitously came across on YouTube was made by the Nomads.usp Center for Interactive Living Studies, Research Group of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, http://www.nomads.usp.br

Species of spaces is: “A reading of central and peripheral public spaces of the city of Sao Carlos, Brazil, “Species of Spaces” was filmed in just one afternoon, simultaneously by several Nomads.usp researchers, as a snapshot, a one glance and yet plural, distributed in the urban fabric. The title is a tribute to Georges Perec, a French novelist, Oulipo member and urban scholar” [Originally Published on Oct 20, 2015].


Space – by Marcus D. Niski


The concept of space is an enigma [to me a least].

Yet Perec and Bachelard are two of the greatest exponents in attempting to document the concept of space in its illusive and ethereal qualities.

We live in spaces.

We inhabit spaces.

We are in space.

Space is all around us, and yet nowhere.

My writing desk is one of my most important spaces.

Writing is a private activity, yet it can take place in either a private or public space.

Sometimes mundane spaces are my best source of inspiration and pleasure in terms of triggering my urge to write.

Georges Perec was a master at documenting the mundane places and spaces of our ordinary lives, as well as the objects that dwell in them: the objects on a writing desk; the bedroom; the apartment…

Writing is an inhabitation according to Perec: A writer inhabits the page and his or her world as well as inhabiting space.

Let us together explore the minutiae of spaces all around us in all their detail and infinite glory…

[MN] 14 May 2017 – 7 March 2019