The Monumental and Human Poetry of Paul Valéry

by Mark Scroggins August 8, 2020

Paul Valéry (1871-1945) had the dubious fate of becoming a monument in his own lifetime, the personification of the quintessential “homme des lettres.” A member of the Académie française, he was France’s cultural representative to the League of Nations and an indefatigable lecturer and commentator. He held enough academic positions to overwhelm a half-dozen ordinary professors. He published over 20 books in various genres; his poetry, on which much of his reputation rests, is a very small share of the whole….

The Leaning Towers

By Marcus D. Niski

Magic steps unfinished

nights gulped down under

new waves

within us each one view

skys no longer burning

over spent seas

the clouds lie down in vain

my nest made in your arms
it’s loose body drooping and falling away

under failed remorse
into the void of unseen dimensions

[MN] 10 January 1999