Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day

Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day celebrates the simple but extraordinary delights of the camera obscura and the amazing range of photographic images that this low technology device can produce.

As the site explains: “Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was established to celebrate the joy of simple creativity using the medium of lensless photography. We want to show that, from a device as simple as a cardboard box with a tiny hole, you can create inspiring images. Minimal technology and cost: Maximum Passion and Sensitivity!”

Contributors from around the world have posted “… 2233 images realized by as many different pinhole photographers from 61 countries! All the photographs in this extraordinary collection share two common characteristics: they are lensless photographs; they were made on April 29, 2018.”

This delightful image “Ente” was taken by Austrian writer and photographer Wally Rettenbacher and can be found at:



Ente an der alten Bürgerwehr.// TGV at the old “Bürgerwehr” [old city wall]. Mönchsberg. Salzburg.”

My first self made tin can camera. Foto developed in cafenol.”


Visit the Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day site at:

  Marcus D. Niski, Naked Cities Journal, June 2018





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